For the VISIONING Leader…  

The final step of Leadership is Visioning the future for employees, colleagues and companies. For the Visioning leader, we focus on remembering and re-building select Leadership skills. Each Program is designed to stress one or more of the critical areas of leadership:

Legacy Mentoring
Executive Communication
Premier Presentations
The Immortal Leader


Sharing the Fire of Success

Introduces mentoring and the various methods of mentoring to the newer leader. Participants learn both sides of the mentoring equation: That of mentor and of mentee, and how to be more effective and productive in both roles. Program includes exercises and role plays in mentor/mentee interactions and explores the art of seeing the potential in others.

Illuminating and Executing Values, Vision and Change

Visioning leaders communicate the values and vision of their organizations so that they are engrained in and clearly implemented by employees. Every message enhances expectations and delivers results. How the executive communicates, so goes the company. Clear messages bring together “teams of teams,” motivate employees at all levels; as establish goals and commitment. This program provides expertise to the messenger, value to the message, and takes leadership communication to the fifth dimension.


Premier Presentations takes presentation skills to the C-level and beyond. The executive with premier presentation skills ably and comfortably represents the organization to the employees, board and the world. This program limits the number of participants to five or fewer; includes practical performance practice and elicits constructive interaction among the participants resulting in a cross-pollination of talents, experience and ideas.


With a focus on the Visioning Leader, this powerful program motivates, enlightens and inspires senior leaders to operate at the highest level. Results are leadership performance that is enduring and memorable. Addressing the value of influence, presence, passion and actions to prepare for and ensure a solid future for the organization’s success, “The Immortal Leader” develops initiatives for that purpose.

LOF Delivery Options

Three methods of delivery are available to LOF customers: Training, Keynote or Workshop/Seminar Inclusion.


Training Sessions are from three hours to two days in length. Sessions cover one or more of the 12 critical areas of leadership, and are customized to meet the needs of the participants. Location can be either at the client's site or off-site.

Keynote Preparation and Presentation

Keynote presentations are 30 to 90 minutes in length. For your special events, awards banquets, employee appreciation celebrations, conference and convention openings and closings.


LOF delivers workshops in one hour, 90 minutes, two or three hour formats. These mini training programs add value to conferences or conventions. They bring excitement, motivation and skill development to your organization’s event.

Of course, any and all of LOF programs are customized to meet the needs of the audience, the client and/or to enhance the theme of the event.


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