The Situational Communicator  

By Pauline Shirley, Leaders On Fire

Are you a situational communicator? Or do you communicate in the same manner regardless of the situation? People who are truly effective communicators and leaders have developed the ability to communicate to meet the needs of the immediate situation.

They choose the most effective manner appropriate for the specific situation.
Examples of situational communication styles and circumstances that call for them are:

The Decider. Speaks with strength and decisiveness when a decision has to be made, now!!

Developer. Encourages others to speak up when focusing on building a team attitude or eliciting ideas and information.

Discoverer. Listens. Uses the most important part of communicating. Listens and really hears what is being said.

Demonstrator. Speaks with enthusiasm and passion in order to persuade others.

Director. Communicates to the point, tactfully and without wishy-washy words or phrases.

Deliberator. Speaks with great consideration for other person or sensitive situation.

Definer. Elaborates, but only to the degree necessary in imparting critical details to the receiver.

Dazzler. Speaks to motivate, inspire and/or to sincerely compliment an individual or group.

Decider, Developer, Discoverer, Definer, Demonstrator, Director, Deliberator and Dazzler – Effective and successful communicators use all of these styles and more, when and as needed, to more effectively lead and accomplish objectives and goals.

The Situational Communicator? MMV by Pauline Shirley/ Pauline Shirley presents, speaks and trains from rich leadership experiences. She is president of LeadersOnFire of Richardson, Texas. Through keynotes, training programs and workshops, Leaders on Fire prepares emerging leaders for today, tomorrow and the future. Pauline may be reached at 972/644-6430, or

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