Nine Ways to Fascinate a Listener  

By Pauline Shirley, Leaders On Fire

1. Smile
2. Stand up - straight and tall
3. Speak clearly and audibly
4. Make it - anything “your first time”
5. Follow the “As If” principle
6. Broadcast good news
7. Ask yourself: Am I being imitated, emulated, role modeled?
8. Build your confidence with positive self- talk.
9. Think enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic!

William James, Harvard Psychologist, suggests that you feel the way you act. Therefore: If you are going to feel enthusiastic, you must be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious! And so is the lack of it! Fascinate your listeners with enthusiasm.

“This article was excerpted from “Fuel Your Communication Fire” presentation and workshop by Pauline Shirley, who presents, speaks and trains from rich leadership experiences. She is president of Leaders On Fire of richardson, Texas, whose mission is to prepare emerging leaders for today, tomorrow and the future. Ms. Shirley may be reached at 972-644-6430 or at”

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