For the MASTERING Leader…  

We focus on remembering and re-building valued Leadership skills. Each Program is designed to enhance and emphasize one or more of 6 critical areas of leadership:

Meeting Management
Presentation Skills
Conflict Management


Leading Finely Tuned Meetings with Flash and Flare

A skilled leader plans meetings and gets more done in less time and accomplishes the goals of the meeting through active participation of all attendees. Successful meetings require preparation, participation and persistence. This program presents steps that lead to effective meetings; techniques that ensure proactive participation; and the value and use of persistence in running meetings productively and efficiently.

Presentation Firepower

Good leadership requires good presentation skills. Sharing knowledge, articulating a vision and persuading others are valued skills across all levels of management. Effective presentation skills set leaders apart in their ability to present with ease and confidence and to connect with groups of varying sizes. This practical and highly participatory program prepares participants to control their nervousness and emotions; organize their presentation for understanding and clarity; add action with body language; strengthen message with voice and rate of speech; and facilitate depth and understanding with a variety of visuals.

Light Their Fire!

The effectiveness of supervisors and managers is determined by their ability to work with, communicate with, and motivate others. This program develops communications skills and builds competencies that enhance supervisor-employee efficiency resulting in positive performance and productivity. Through addressing communication skills and styles, this program prepares you to “light the fire” of those you manage and lead.

Fanning the Flames of Future Leaders

The art of delegation tops the list of the most important leadership skills in business. Delegating skillfully motivates employees, improves their skills, and expands their horizons. Knowing how and practicing effective delegation, enhances productivity and places you in the ranks of accomplished leaders.

From Combustion to Cohesion

Conflict, an unavoidable element, takes a heavy toll on motivation, performance and productivity. Leaders manage conflict when it occurs. They know and fully understand the potential causes, the stages, the barriers to resolution as well as the critical solution-driven skills to resolving the wide range of stressful differences and disputes that arise in the day-to-day work environment.

Coaching Performance from a Spark to a Flame

Today’s workplace requires that every leader is a coach. Coaching is a learned skill that takes the leader to the next level. Good leaders are coaches who know how to get everyone to play the “game” of productivity and performance. Coaching develops high performers and turns the poorer performer into a motivated and productive employee. This program prepares participants to lead their staff and direct reports effectively through the use of coaching skills.

LOF Delivery Options

Three methods of delivery are available to LOF customers: Training, Keynote or Workshop/Seminar Inclusion.


Training Sessions are from three hours to two days in length. Sessions cover one or more of the 12 critical areas of leadership, and are customized to meet the needs of the participants. Location can be either at the client's site or off-site.

Keynote Preparation and Presentation

Keynote presentations are 30 to 90 minutes in length. For your special events, awards banquets, employee appreciation celebrations, conference and convention openings and closings.


LOF delivers workshops in one hour, 90 minutes, two or three hour formats. These mini training programs add value to conferences or conventions. They bring excitement, motivation and skill development to your organization’s event.

Of course, any and all of LOF programs are customized to meet the needs of the audience, the client and/or to enhance the theme of the event.

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