Light Your Leadership Fire  

By Pauline Shirley, Leaders On Fire

“You don’t manage people; you manage things. You lead people.” – Admiral Grace Hopper

Light your leadership fire. It will influence countless others for years to come. People in corporate management positions, say, “Give me an enthusiastic employee with a good attitude – any day!”

Employees in those same corporations say, ‘Give me a manager/boss who appreciates what I do, treats me well, and I will willingly and enthusiastically work my hardest!”

How do you narrow this gap?

By making sure all managers are also leaders. They become leaders because they learn integrity, humility, commitment, organization and self-discipline. More importantly, they become leaders because they show concern about their employees. They coach and mentor. They motivate and inspire. They are positive role models. They know the value of the individual and express it without hesitation. They light their own leadership fire!

“This article was excerpted from “Light Your Leadership Fire” presentation and workshop by Pauline Shirley, who presents, speaks and trains from rich leadership experiences. She is president of Leaders On Fire of richardson, Texas, whose mission is to prepare emerging leaders for today, tomorrow and the future. Ms. Shirley may be reached at 972-644-6430 or at”

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