Survey of Your Leadership Level  
Do You Always Sometimes Never
Exhibit a positive attitude, a can-do attitude at all times?      
Want to be a perceived as a leader rather than a boss?
Show that you care about people as individuals?      
Set an example of quality performance?      
Work as effectively as part of a team as you can alone?      
Tell others how to improve their performance and give them the support they need to make the necessary improvements?      
Set high standards and motivate team members to meet those standards?      
Face and manage conflicts as they arise?      
Accept responsibility for your own misjudgments?      
Recognize the need to follow as well as lead, when necessary?      
Share information and knowledge with others?      
Listen to and empathize with team members and others?      
Give people the credit they deserve when discussing projects and accomplishments?      
See yourself as a leader?      
Ask for their ideas on ways to reach goals?      
Do others look to you for solutions and support?      
Coach in order to improve performance?      
Do you delegate responsibility as well as authority?      
Do you resolve conflict with “win-win” results?      
Follow-up and follow through on delegated tasks?      
Accept responsibility for the team’s mistakes?      
Communicate with each person in his or her own style?      
Serve as a positive role model for others to emulate?      
Give credit where credit is due and show your appreciation?      
Use delegation as a motivational tool?      
Communicate so that you motivate and inform?      
Incorporate others’ ideas into the planning and strategy?      
See the potential in others and help them bring it out?      
Mentor to prepare others for the future?      
Make yourself available?      
Recognize the impact of your presence?      
See yourself as a member of the team?      
Understand the value of each employee in reaching corporate goals?      

1 _ 11 checked in the Always category - you are an Emerging Leader.
12 _ 22 checked in the Always category - you are in the Mastering Leader level.
22 _ 27 checked in the Always category - you are moving into the Visioning Leader level.
28 and above - you are a Visioning Leader!

Respond to each question with your first reaction. There are no right or wrong answers. The purpose of this survey is to determine your level of leadership. It is necessary that you are candid with your answers. After answering all questions, total the number of answers in each category. Pay special attention to the questions that generated “never” responses.

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