Keynote Speeches  
  Pauline delivers keynotes that enrich, inspire, motivate and create a willingness to embrace change, grow and succeed. Perfect for banquets, awards dinners, convention and conference openers and closers.

However, if you have a topic you want enhanced by a keynote, contact us now to discuss your goals and the results desired.

Ignite the Possibilities!
Eliminate your fears. See your potential. Become the person, professional, individual you aspire to be,

The Flame Within You
Self-empowerment. Self-talk. Self-evaluation all lead to creativity, embracing change and living and working a positive life.

Light Your Leadership Fire
Self-leadership comes first. Recognize your ability to lead yourself.

Obsidian Leadership
Women blinded by the fire of their own leadership.

Three Stages of Leadership
An exploration of the three stages of leadership: Emerging, Mastering and Visioning.

The Immortal Leader
Are you an immortal leader? The actions of the immortal leader are enduring and memorable. Immortal leaders truly make a difference.

  What Makes Pauline Right for Your Event?  

• Combine high energy with a depth of knowledge and a spirited passion and Pauline connects with your audience every time.

• Her high energy reaches out and draws people into her presentation.

• Her knowledge comes from 25 years of leadership experience.

• Her spirited passion infects the audience so they want more: More information. More knowledge. More out of themselves. More out of life.

• Her ability to connect comes from her natural warmth and deep enthusiasm.

• Her focus is on fulfilling the needs of the audience and surpassing your requirements.

• Pauline's flexibility makes your job easier.


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