Information Questionnaire  

LOF’s goal is to meet your needs as well as the needs of the participants and to enhance the intent of your event. Providing her with the information in this questionnaire prepares her to focus on your needs.

Location of Event: Date of Event:
Time of Presentation: Presentation Length
Presentation Title:
Your Name:
Your Title:
E-mail Address: Telephone: Fax:
Best way to contact you:

What are your specific objectives for this program?

Does this event have a theme? If so, what is it and what is the purpose of this particular theme?

What information/feeling/skill/knowledge do you want the participants to gain from this program?

What specific issues/challenges do the participants face that you want addressed in this program?

What are the demographics of your group?

Typical positions and/or titles of attendees?

Size of audience?

Age ranges?

Percentage male Percentage female

What presenters/presentations have you had before?

What topics did they present?

What topics have been best received by the participants?

Are there other key purposes for this event?

What events precede and follow this presentation?

Thank you! You will be contacted immediately upon receipt of this completed form.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Microphone type:

Lap top computer: Projector:

Contact for A/V information

Name: Phone number:

Room Set-up

Type facility: Hotel Office Convention center Other

Seating arrangements: Classroom Theater Banquet

Other Information

Event attire: Business casual Business Formal

Travel and Accommodations

Hotel reservations made at:
Confirmation number:
Hotel phone number:

Nearest airport:

Ground transportation provided by:


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