For the EMERGING Leader…  

At Leaders on Fire, we focus on building and re-awakening critical Leadership skills. Each Program is designed to develop and enhance one or more of 6 critical areas of leadership:


Leaders On Fire PROGRAMS:


Taking the Leadership Initiative: Vital Skills for Emerging Leaders

This program builds leadership skills in emerging leaders, preparing managers, team leaders and supervisors with essential competencies that increase the productivity, results and job satisfaction of the individuals and groups for whom they are responsible. Participants learn effective utilization of the characteristics of successful leaders and understand the different styles of high performing 21st century leaders.


Light Your Leadership Fire

Leader, first lead yourself! Key organizational and time management skills are required by emerging leaders in order to effectively manage and lead others. Recognize the criticality of organization in completing projects through others. Learn the importance of managing time and energy in getting the job done as well as in serving as a role model to those you lead.


Fuel Your Communication Fire

Through face-to-face communication skills and interactions executives, managers, team leaders and professionals maximize their individual leadership success and performance. Effective communication ensures more productive and self-confident workplace performers as well as accomplishments that enhance full potential performance. The ability to communicate successfully with others reduces mistakes, repeat instructions, misunderstandings and conflict and increases employee satisfaction, commitment, loyalty and the bottom line.

Listening the Fuel of Understanding and Respect

Listening and leadership are synonymous. Listening is an integral element in the communication process. It is through quality listening, that the leader truly communicates thus enhancing productivity, developing respect, and understanding how to connect with each individual. This program develops a thorough understanding of the value of listening as well as comprehensive listening techniques that earn loyalty and commitment.

Fire Up Your Attitude!

Fire Up Your Attitude activates personal and professional success. Participants understand they are the leader of their own attitude as well as how their attitude affects their professionalism, productivity and the productivity of others By building confidence and self-esteem and developing a positive approach, managing perceptions, communications and responses, participants change their personal environment.

Coaching Performance from a Spark to a Flame

Today’s workplace requires that every leader is a coach. Coaching is a learned skill that takes the leader to the next level. Good leaders are coaches who know how to get everyone to play the “game” of productivity and performance. Coaching develops high performers and turns the poorer performer into a motivated and productive employee. This program prepares participants to lead their staff and direct reports effectively through the use of coaching skills.

LOF Delivery Options

Three methods of delivery are available to LOF customers: Training, Keynote or Workshop/Seminar Inclusion.


Training Sessions are from three hours to two days in length. Sessions cover one or more of the 12 critical areas of leadership, and are customized to meet the needs of the participants. Location can be either at the client's site or off-site.

Keynote Preparation and Presentation

Keynote presentations are 30 to 90 minutes in length. For your special events, awards banquets, employee appreciation celebrations, conference and convention openings and closings.


LOF delivers workshops in one hour, 90 minutes, two or three hour formats. These mini training programs add value to conferences or conventions. They bring excitement, motivation and skill development to your organization’s event.

Of course, any and all of LOF programs are customized to meet the needs of the audience, the client and/or to enhance the theme of the event.

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