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Leaders On Fire, formerly Executive Solutions Limited which was founded in 1997, is located in Richardson Texas. Leaders On Fire’s goal is to instill proven leadership principals into emerging leaders. Often men and women are thrown into management and new leadership positions based on their own sales, production or marketing skills. However, when faced with how to get things done through other people, they often fail.

At Leaders On Fire we have learned the 12 critical leadership pillars and have taught them to these emerging leaders. As a result, our clients and their companies are more effective and successful. We have also broadened our offerings to those who have Mastered Leadership and those whose focus is to provide Visioning as well.

Management Team

Leaders On Fire
has been led by Ms. Pauline Shirley since its inception. She is responsible for content and training. Under her leadership, Leaders On Fire has grown steadily and has become a leadership expert-of-choice for a number of Fortune 500 firms, as well as emerging companies and entrepreneurs.

We are also members of Women of Visionary Influnence: www.wovi.com and the Entrepreneur Leadership Center: www.the-elc.com

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